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SAWITA distributes premium content across the globe. We have customers in every major region of the world and can accommodate their requirements including language and localization.

Content Licensing

Global licensing of movies and television shows for transactional (rental and ownership), subscription and free or ad-supported video platforms

Content Processing & Distribution

Processing and delivery at an unprecedented scale and at highly competitive rates. Hybrid cloud solution

Post-Production & Content Services

4K distribution service utilizing end-to-end orchestration and automation for componentized mastering and IMF storage & distribution.

OTT Platform and Storefront

SAWITA’s digital storefront is an end-to-end white-label service for today’s marketplace.

C3 & Next Day Air

Continued monetization of television programs via On Demand assets taken from their initial live broadcast airing through the C3/C7 window.

Metadata Management

Streamlined workflows to provide rich data to enhance user experiences and customized engagements.



SAWITA online casting and talent search enables actors to register their profiles for television opportunities. Information is available on our Instagram, Twitter and Other online channels.